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Challenging asylum destitution


Remembering Richard Hanson, Night Shelter volunteer

26 Aug 2014 It is with great sadness that I have to inform everyone of the sad passing away of Richard Hanson, a Wednesday welcomer, at The Night Shelter. Richard was a member of Christ Church. He and other members of the church community were instrumental in the setting up of the Night Shelter way before it became part of ASSIST.

Got a bike you don't use anymore?

21 Aug 2014 Why not donate it to our friends at the COMAC project? The project has helps many people, including asylum seekers and refugees, who have difficulties affording public transport. It is also a place where local people can bring their bike, and access tools and knowledge to help them maintain or repair it. COMAC is also somewhere where asylum seekers can volunteer, feel useful and make friends.

Join us for an old style Band Fest on 1st November

20 Aug 2014 Venue: The Broomhall Centre, Broomspring Lane Tickets are £5 or £6 on the door. Doors open at 7:30pm. To book your tickets please email efa [at] or phone Robert on 0114 275 4960 The gig will feature soul band The Reluctants and singer-songwriter Arash Shafiei Sabet (We are sorry that The Yorkshire Teabags have had to cancel owing to illness. A big thank you to Arash for stepping in.)

‘Leave to Remain’…a huge milestone to be celebrated and whole new set of problems to be faced

18 Aug 2014 Obtaining ‘Leave to Remain’, whether it is Indefinite Leave to Remain or Leave to Remain for a specified period of time, is a huge milestone for people who have arrived in Sheffield seeking asylum. For the time being, at least, they are no longer living with the threat of being removed and sent back to face the very dangers that made them flee from their homeland. Gone is the ‘no recourse to public funds’ status which many endure for years.

Where is Joe? Sponsor him in return for his huge effort for ASSIST

17 Jul 2014 ‘Where is Joe?’ you are probably asking yourself. How far has he got on his amazing bike trip to Singapore?…and how is his sponsorship in aid of ASSIST going? STOP PRESS: Joe has reached Istanbul and has decided there stay there for a while. He will be working to raise funds to continue his journey, hopefully next year. And also doing some voluntary work. He says a big THANK YOU to everyone who has sponsored him so far.

Join us for our 2014 Card Making Workshop

16 Jul 2014 Saturday, September 20, 2014 – 12:00 to 15:00 Victoria Hall Methodist Church, Room 46. Do you have a few hours to spare? Do you like being creative? Come to ASSIST’s annual card making workshop. Any suitable designs created will be used to print up greetings cards to be sold on our stall at various events during the coming year. Card sales provide an important stream of income that helps ASSIST to carry on with its work, challenging asylum destitution and helping asylum seekers in Sheffield.

Join us for our 2014 World Over Concert

11 Jun 2014 This year’s World Over Concert will be on Saturday 6 September at St Mary’s Church, Bramall Lane starting at 7.00 Join us to celebrate the diversity of musical and artistic talent here in Sheffield. Among the performers will be..

SYMAAG petition asks council not to sign contracts with G4S

4 Jun 2014 Here is the wording of the petition…

Myra Davis

29 May 2014 It is with great sadness that we must announce that Myra Davis passed away on Sunday, in Brighton. Myra spent the last week of her life surrounded by close family, and we were fortunate in Sheffield that she stayed to see as many as she could of the people to whom she is ‘family’ here. Myra was the original founder of both ASSIST and the Sheffield Conversation Club. She inspired others with the vision and the need for both, and brought people together to make them happen.

Come to our ceilidh with the Well Dressed Band!..on 20 July

26 May 2014 You are invited to join ASSIST and the Well Dressed Band for a ‘Home Grown Ceilidh’ at The Broomspring Centre on Sunday 20 July 2014 from 7.30pm to 10.30pm.