ASSIST Sheffield

Challenging asylum destitution

Vicky Seddon, ASSIST supporter and fundraiser

Thu, 03/07/2013 - 10:58 -- Cath Baldwin

On Sunday the 3rd of March 2013, Vicky opened up her house in Broomhill and served up a buffet lunch, feeding 13 diners. They were treated to a selection of homemade food, including prosciutto and melon,fennel and tomato casserole and lemon tart…with a complimentary glass of wine, of course!

It is the third series of meals that Vicky has organised to raise money for ASSIST, the first one took place in 2009 and the second in 2011.

Originally from Manchester, but having now lived in Sheffield for 46 years, Vicky became aware of ASSIST through a friend at Amnesty International meetings, and ever since she has been touched by the diverse range of support that ASSIST offers to destitute asylum seekers. Having lived in Sheffield for many years, she says it ‘tears my heart apart’ to think of ‘people in my city being destitute’.

So she asked herself what she could do to support ASSIST. As a result, she discovered that her ‘bit’ would be organising and cooking meals at her home, thereby keeping her contribution away from the ‘frontline’ approach that she experienced throughout her career and instead, steering it towards an enjoyable method of fundraising.

At the first meal four years ago, Vicky structured the evening into two sittings, although she soon realised that juggling all the tasks that accompanied it was too exhausting to be manageable. When selecting an appropriate fundraising event, she recommends that you choose one which you are comfortable with: you will stay enthusiastic and the guests will automatically share your enjoyment. In addition, when others ask whether you need any assistance, let them help. At every meal Vicky has had a friend cooking with her; in fact this year she has had four different friends to help, one at each meal. ‘Even if they are selling raffle tickets when you are in the kitchen, or talking about the charity, they are relieving the pressure. In addition, you should target an appropriate audience: ensure that the prices are reasonable for your demographic.’

We thank Vicky for all her hard work! All donations help ASSIST continue its good work and we hope that she achieves her £1,000 target.