ASSIST Sheffield

Challenging asylum destitution

Rose - Garden Project volunteer

Fri, 08/12/2016 - 15:21 -- Cath Baldwin

“The gardening project has several functions: it provides healthy, cheap (free) food for the residents to eat; it promotes well-being for the residents participating, both as a physical activity and as a focus away from other anxieties; it acts as a social session for residents; finally, it helps residents learn new and potentially transferrable skills.”

I work as part of the gardening project team – we work on the garden of the women’s house with residents.

I have learnt a lot about gardening in my short time on the project. I’ve also gained a sense of accomplishment seeing the garden progress and seeing the residents learn and enjoy themselves.

It’s great being able to get to know the people that you’re helping, instead of donating weekly or monthly. These things are both equally valuable of course, but getting to see what they’re actually worth to another person is quite humbling and fulfilling.

I’d also say make sure that you have the time and space for it, both physically and emotionally, in your life.

What I enjoy most about being part of ASSIST is being useful to other people.