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Challenging asylum destitution


A volunteer writes about Conversation Club

24 May 2013 “Welcome to Conversation Club. We are a tree with many branches. We are strong because we agree to respect each other’s confidentiality and personal privacy with courtesy for the wellbeing of the whole tree.” An article by Lily Tomson who is a Conversation Club volunteer currently taking a gap year before going to university.

Got a spare room? Become a host with ASSIST!

23 May 2013 Hello, my name is Jochen and I have recently started working with ASSIST as the accommodation development worker. In my role I want to make sure that all of our clients who have been left destitute and homeless have a safe place to stay while they are trying to get their asylum claim back on track.

More legal aid cuts

16 May 2013 Just when you thought it was all over – the Government announced more plans to slash legal aid in a new consultation “Transforming Legal Aid”. We reported on the plans to change legal aid that would take place in April here: Now the Government wants to restrict access to justice even further. One of the main targets is criminal legal aid. But migrants are also in the firing line.

Well done half marathon runners!

12 May 2013 Congratulations to ASSIST fundraisers Tony, Anna and Josh who all completed the Sheffield half marathon today to raise money for our work. Josh finished after only 1 hour 26 minutes and Tony and Anna completed the course in 1 hour 45 minutes. Well done! The fundraising totals are also looking impressive but they would still appreciate your help to increase them – could we make it £1000 together? You can donate here:

How sport can make us more inclusive

12 May 2013 Tracy Litterick, ASSIST volunteer and Volunteer Manager at Football Unites Racism Divides (FURD) attended an international conference, ‘Freekick for Equality-Tackling Homophobia and Racism Together” in Bratislava recently. She was invited to deliver a workshop on ‘Sport and Inclusion: Underrepresentation of marginalised groups and minorities’, with Des Tomlinson from the Football Association of Ireland and Maurizio Pratesi from the Football Association of Finland.

Free Radicals gig raises over £1000!

12 May 2013 Thank you to the Free Radicals for putting on a fantastic performance on Saturday 11th May in aid of ASSIST. Over 100 people got up and danced the night away to classic soul and funk hits. The encore number “Enjoy yourself” could not have been more apt as everyone left with a smile on their face. We also had the brilliant Broccoli Hitch band and River Wolton reading her poetry in support. Thank you to all three acts, and also to the Woodcraft Folk for helping us so well behind the scenes.

Anna & Tony run for ASSIST

5 May 2013 We have two more runners who will be pounding the streets for ASSIST in the half marathon on Sunday 12th May. Anna and Tony have raised an impressive amount between them. Can you help increase their total?

Gez writes for Sync City about our work

5 May 2013 ASSIST volunteer Gez has written for a local magazine about our work. Check out his article attached below and find out the other ways that you can support ASSIST. For more about the magazine go to:

Josh runs the half marathon

4 May 2013 Josh is running the half marathon for ASSIST on 12 May. Read more about why below. His target is £700. Can you help him reach it? Donate here: Thank you Josh and good luck! Message from Josh:

Peace in the Park rescheduled to 2014

2 May 2013 We are sorry to say that Peace in the Park 2013 has been cancelled due to a funding shortfall. However the organisers have rescheduled for 2014 and we will work with them to make sure it is the fun, free event that we have always enjoyed to date. Thank you to everyone behind Peace in the Park for a huge amount of hard work so far. Please support their fundraisers for 2014 which are listed below so it can come back next year! Peace in the Park – News Release – 1 May 2013