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Challenging asylum destitution


Free Radicals gig raises £700

12 May 2014 The Free Radicals played a brilliant gig in aid of ASSIST at the Broomhall centre this weekend. Their high energy set of soul and funk classics (and some newer hits right up to 2013!) kept everyone dancing. We were thrilled to get great feedback from guests who loved the music. We would like to thank everyone who came for raising £700 in profit to go towards our work with asylum seekers. This is a huge amount for us and we are so grateful to the Free Radicals, who played without charge and gave everyone such a good night.

Memorial for Myra

7 May 2014 A memorial event for Myra Davis will take place on Saturday 5 July at the Central United Reformed Church in Sheffield. This is an event that is being organised by people from different groups, not just ASSIST, and is open to anyone who wishes to attend.

Joe cycling from Sheffield to Singapore for ASSIST

6 May 2014 On May 15th Josef Allen set out on a humungous cycle trip from Sheffield all the way to Singapore! The reason for this mammoth journey? Joe says it is ‘For a great experience and to raise money and awareness for two important causes.’ ‘I am going to attempt to free camp and solo pedal myself around the world for an adventure and to raise money and awareness for two charities. I will use my blog to inspire and keep my friends and family updated.’

Life on £10 a week

6 May 2014 Asylum seekers can’t get benefits and can’t work in the UK. If they have a case open with the Home Office or the court they get some money from the Government but it is very little. For example, a single person with no children gets only £36.62 per week. If an asylum seeker comes to the end of their case the money from the Government stops. This can make life very hard, for example, if you want to put together a fresh claim for protection but can’t afford food to keep you healthy or money for a bus pass to go to the doctor or a solicitor.

Join us at Peace in the Park on Saturday June 14th

5 May 2014 Peace in the Park is fast approaching; the annual celebration of Sheffield’s inclusive community spirit is always a date on the calendar we look forward to. This year ASSIST is privileged to be one of the 2 nominated charities to benefit from the awesome generosity of those who attend, and after a years’ hiatus for much anticipated event we are excited to be a part of what promises to be one of its greatest years yet.

Join Refugee Action's online action on Monday 9th June

2 May 2014 A message from Refugee Action……… “Many people don’t realise how little people seeking safety have to live on – thinking they live in luxury, not struggling on just £5.23 a day. To get fair asylum support, we have to challenge this myth. So, on Monday 9th June, join our online action. Spend £5.23 on anything you like – just something you’d normally need, like lunch or a bus ticket – and send us a photo of what you bought on Twitter, Facebook or by email.

Free Radicals fundraiser

10 Apr 2014 What are you doing on 10th May? Save the date for the next ASSIST fundraiser – this one is not to be missed. The amazing Free Radicals are performing soul and funk classics in aid of ASSIST on Saturday 10th May at 7.30 pm, Broomhall Centre (Broomspring Lane, S10 2FD). They raised the roof for us last year, performing to over 100 people who danced the night away and donated over £1000! We are thrilled the band can entertain in aid of ASSIST again and hope you will join us.

Asylum support rates ruled unlawful

9 Apr 2014 Refugee Action’s case against the Government which argued that the amount paid to destitute asylum seekers is unlawful because it is insufficient to meet their essential living needs or to provide a dignified standard of living was heard on 11 to 13 February 2014. Today (9 April 2014) Mr Justice Popplewell handed down his judgement.

Volunteers needed at Peace in the Park

8 Apr 2014 If you are an ASSIST volunteer, can you help out at this year’s Peace in the Park on Sat 14th June at the Ponderosa, Netherthorpe? If you can, please contact efa [at] ASSIST is one of the benefiting charities this year, so we need all the volunteers we can muster to shake tins and chat to people.

ASSIST offers 'Asylum - the basics' training sessions

8 Apr 2014 ASSIST offers training and background information on the asylum system for all those who work with Asylum Seekers and Refugees. This training is available to all; current volunteers and external individuals or organisations. It covers…..