ASSIST Sheffield

Challenging asylum destitution

ASSIST are runners-up at the 'Make a Difference Sheffield Awards'

ASSIST were recently nominated in the category “Outstanding Achievement in Involving and Supporting Volunteers” of the Voluntary Action Sheffield ‘Make a Difference Sheffield Awards’.

I’m proud to report that we were Runners Up in our category. The winners were “Volunteer Libraries Sheffield”>

Here’s what Maddy Desforges, Chief Exec of VAS, said about the recent awards ceremony…“Like many others I was blown away by the show cased organisations, as well as by the buzz in the room as people got chance to catch up with old friends and meet new faces. It was so nice to be appreciated, and to have such a celebration of all we do as a sector. As someone said to me “this isn’t so much about doing good as changing lives”. And great to have Jess Ennis Hill to give that extra acknowledgement and encouragement! Many thanks to those of you who brought banners – they looked great all together. One of the things I take from the event is just how powerful we are when we come together – the amount we can achieve is phenomenal.”

Photo by kind permission of VAS.