ASSIST Sheffield

Challenging asylum destitution

Calling ASSIST supporters...can you help us equip our new office space?

At long last we are acquiring some more space so that our office team will no longer be so squashed and conditions will be more pleasant for everyone.

We’d be really grateful if anyone could help us with the following to furnish the new rooms..

  • mini-fridge
  • hot water dispenser (2-3 litre water heater)
  • tea/coffee station (small cupboard, or similar, we can use for this purpose).
  • key safe

We are happy with second-hand donations, or people offering to buy the items for us (we have a wishlist).

If you are aware of workplaces or individuals getting rid of any other office-related items (including notice boards, soft-seating, partition screens, etc) then we might be interested in those too.

If you can help please contact office [at] Thank you!