ASSIST Sheffield

Challenging asylum destitution

Lemlem due to be deported on Sunday 25 June

Lemlem went to sign this week and was taken into detention. UKBA have booked a flight for THIS Sunday so we have very little time.

Please pass on the news to anyone who may want to help or knows Lemlem.

If you know Lemlem at all please write a personal letter (can start “To whom it may concern” ), date it and include your address. Just a short one would be fine if that is all you have time for. Please explain what she means to you personally, talk about what she contributes to Sheffield and why you think she should be allowed to stay in Sheffield. These letters can be given in at the ASSIST OFFICE FAO Gina Clayton

If on FACEBOOK please join the new group””: and follow the advice on how you can help the effort to keep Lemlem safe.