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Vicky's cafe raises £4500

A very special fundraising initiative has raised an incredible amount of money for ASSIST this year. Supporter Vicky Seddon hosted meals in her home over several dates, and here is her message to all those who took part:

“Vicky’s Cafe has achieved its purpose: it has helped Vicky to raise the her £3500 target. In fact, with the Cafe and her 70th birthday gifts, the total is now £3681.58. And that is before the gift aid is added on, which will bring it to about £4500.

So Vicky’s Cafe is now closed. Vicky would like to thank most warmly all those people who contributed in giving money. She hopes they enjoyed the food and the company. A special thanks to people who brought puddings or wine, and in particular to those beautiful assistants who did the business in the kitchen and with the clearing up. All very much appreciated.

Thank you, thank you, one and all.”

And thank you Vicky from all of us at ASSIST.