ASSIST Sheffield

Challenging asylum destitution

Got a bike you don't use anymore?

Why not donate it to our friends at the COMAC project?

The project has helps many people, including asylum seekers and refugees, who have difficulties affording public transport. It is also a place where local people can bring their bike, and access tools and knowledge to help them maintain or repair it.

COMAC is also somewhere where asylum seekers can volunteer, feel useful and make friends.

If you would like to support the project in any way, please contact comacworkshop [at]

People with bicycles to donate can bring them to the COMAC project workshops, held on the 1st Wednesday of each month 3pm – 7pm and the 3rd Wednesday 3pm – 5pm. The sessions take place in one of the old chapels in Burngreave Cemetary (near the Melrose Rd entrance).

If you are unable to deliver the bike, you can contact Rocky on 07981-452174. Rocky told us that the project is mainly after men’s bikes (particularly mountain bikes), and can generally make use of women’s bikes (particularly if they are mountain bikes and / or in decent condition).

They don’t currently run a scheme for children’s bikes, so people wishing to donate these would be better off contacting Recycle Bikes in Heeley on 0114-2500613.