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Well done half marathon runners!

Congratulations to ASSIST fundraisers Tony, Anna and Josh who all completed the Sheffield half marathon today to raise money for our work.

Josh finished after only 1 hour 26 minutes and Tony and Anna completed the course in 1 hour 45 minutes. Well done! The fundraising totals are also looking impressive but they would still appreciate your help to increase them – could we make it £1000 together? You can donate here:

Read more about the trio in this article from the Star newspaper on 9th May:

And spot Anna and Tony in bright green shirts running behind Spiderman in the attached photo – originally from this BBC article here:

Lastly, here is a thank you message to their supporters from Tony and Anna:

“Many thanks to everyone who sponsored us and made a great day even better. As you can see above we managed our 1:45 aim (just) and had a wonderful time. The weather was cool, dry and not too windy which was perfect and the run itself was really enjoyable (training for next year starts at the end of the week!). We were cheered on twice along Ecclesall Road by Polly, Dave and Eli. We were running for most of the race either just in front of or just behind Spiderman and so benefited from the shouts of encouragement he generated. As we were standing outside the Stadium ringing home a man came up and hugged us, saying that we’d got him round the course – he’d been following us (we were quite prominent in our bright lime green Assist tee-shirts!) for 10 miles or so. To cap it all we got back to Havelock Street and were treated with glasses of cava and a perfect meal of flan,potatoes and salad followed by the best rhubarb-and-strawberry crumble and custard I’ve had in years, all lovingly prepared by Polly.
Thanks again to everyone, Tony & Anna”

(Main image courtesy of BBC showing the run, supplementary image from Tony Cornah and Anna Brook showing their time)