ASSIST Sheffield

Challenging asylum destitution

How sport can make us more inclusive

Tracy Litterick, ASSIST volunteer and Volunteer Manager at Football Unites Racism Divides (FURD) attended an international conference, ‘Freekick for Equality-Tackling Homophobia and Racism Together” in Bratislava recently. She was invited to deliver a workshop on ‘Sport and Inclusion: Underrepresentation of marginalised groups and minorities’, with Des Tomlinson from the Football Association of Ireland and Maurizio Pratesi from the Football Association of Finland.

Tracy’s contribution to the presentations focused on the barriers to inclusion refugees and asylum seekers face in Sheffield and how the support work of ASSIST and the activities with the Belonging group at FURD address them. The workshops were very well attended and feedback was very positive particularly from refugee delegates. Many delegates had little idea about the asylum system in the UK, destitution or living in limbo.

The conference was the closing event of the 3 year project “Football for Equality – Tackling racism and homophobia with a focus on Central and Eastern Europe”, co-funded by the European Commission, which FURD has contributed to in a number of ways. The conference aimed to bring together initiatives and grass roots activists who challenge discrimination and inequalities from different angles. An Action Plan has been developed jointly to gain an outlook on the next steps fighting racism and homophobia in sports. See the links below for more information about the project:

Thank you Tracy for sharing the work of ASSIST and FURD so widely.

(Photo – courtesy of Tracy Litterick showing her in a workshop (centre) with other delegates)