ASSIST Sheffield

Challenging asylum destitution

How we help

ASSIST aims to help people in as dignified manner as possible, so that they do not have to rely on food parcels.

How we help asylum seekers

  • We provide a night shelter for those sleeping rough.
  • We arrange temporary accommodation with host families or in other houses.
  • We give small weekly welfare payments for food and basic living expenses.
  • We provide free bus passes to enable clients to travel to attend medical, legal and Home Office appointments.
  • We give information about other sources of assistance, both charitable and non-charitable.
  • We give longer term assistance by supporting clients to pursue their asylum claim.
  • We work to raise awareness of the situation of asylum seekers by means of events and talks.
  • We aim to enable asylum seekers.

We only support people who can demonstrate their situation.

Because we have limited funds, we have to prioritise those who don’t have any other means of support from friends or family, those who do
not have somewhere safe to sleep or regular access to food and those who are particularly vulnerable, for example because they are unwell, elderly or pregnant

How we raise awareness

We take every opportunity we can to raise awareness among the people of Sheffield about the plight of destitute asylum seekers.

  • We give talks to all sorts of groups, allowing them to hear first-hand from asylum seekers about individual experiences.
  • We stage events such as concerts and carol services.
  • We talk to people and put up displays at local festivals and events.
  • We work with our partner organisations to highlight the extreme hardship faced by asylum seekers in our city.