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Challenging asylum destitution

Amy - ASSIST supporter and fundraiser

Fri, 08/12/2016 - 14:56 -- Cath Baldwin

As if working for the Green Alliance and volunteering for the local Wildlife Trust weren’t enough to be getting on with, Amy Mount also signed up to run the ‘Yorkshire Half Marathon in Sheffield’ in aid of ASSIST Sheffield.

Amy knows the importance of the UK’s role in welcoming asylum seekers. Thanks to her mum’s involvement with Sheffield City of Sanctuary, she has long been aware of the tough situations people find themselves in when they arrive here. She appreciates ASSIST Sheffield’s important role in making that happen, from practical support to simply showing some human kindness to those in need.

This was the first time Amy had run a half marathon, and she was understandably nervous: the first five miles were uphill, which though it made for a nice view was hard going getting there. But Amy was quick to see the positive side: “I was really pleased to be running for such a fantastic charity. My first half marathon was be a big challenge, but its level of difficulty didn’t come close to how tough everyday life can be for the many people who are stuck in the mud of the UK’s asylum system. Keeping that in mind helped me struggle up those first five uphill miles.”